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GTA4 (with online multiplayer) for PC: Future for MTA?



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So now that GTA4 has been announced for PC with online multiplayer, whats the future for MTA?

The build in MP has only static gamemodes, so I prefer MTA above GTA IV MP.

Mods for PC will problably fix it.

Im just talking about the netplay code.

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End of discussion.

Subjective, ergo, not the end of anything. ;)

Personally, I think GTA:IV's multiplayer support sounds like crap, we'll still have to see if it's better on PC. In my case, I doubt I'll stop playing SA. It's like the way I still dust off Super Mario Bros 3 once in a while. :D

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What I want to know is, will MTA do anything with 4's mp?

Let's face it, from what we've seen on the consoles, 4's MP is terrible. It needs a lot of work. It needs a server list, scripted game modes, more things to do in general. It needs work that only the MTA team could give it. So does the MTA team plan on doing anything with it?

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Well my friends and I were hoping that the MTA team would step in again when GTA4 hits the scene. We were thinking that they would enhance the already present multiplayer. For you see, since most of the synch work is already done, it might take less time to add features such as scripting gamemodes, synch improvements, etc. Well, that's what we were hoping for. The problem is that MTA:SA will still need support for some time after GTA4 is released, since not all players can handle GTA4's new requirements and/or price. Also there is the die-hards, of course. :)

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if mta hacked gta:4 engine because it would work will all subsequent games released in that engine thereafter

Not quite, but with modifications maybe. Remember that new games means new features, NPCs, models, cars, etc, which all may have different names and locations within the engine's archives. So, not quite.

however GTA4 mp has ped/traffic syncing? mta needs to learn from this...

Huh? They have already considered ped/traffic synching, and possible methods to make it work, but the problem is TIME. Since GTA is closed-source, synching up all that would be a big pain in the ass.

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I'm no expert, but logic suggests that hooking into an existing system would be easier than making one from scratch.

See, that is what I was anticipating that the MTA team would do; "Hook" into GTA4's already existing multiplayer, and enhance features (like synch) and/or add features (like scripting!!!). :D

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  • MTA Team

In my opinion a lot depends on how the gta4's mp will look on pc. If it's going to be a modern style (with a standalone dedicated server application for various platforms) stable, properly synced, lag less (as much as possible of course) and netcode-wise optimised game with a good multiplayer experience, I would love to see MTA in the role of a serverside mod (eg. enhancements for the competitive gaming, new gamemodes or features, anything that's requested by players). If such mod would receive some support from Rockstar, this could give gta undoubtly the best multiplayer mode ever, the one that it should have in the first place.

However if gta4's mp had some major design flaws, it's kinda hard for me to imagine the Team cracking it in order to get their own third-party multiplayer mode going.. :P

Time will tell, there are only three months left till the pc release.

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