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Pay 10$ for Setup

Guest Monopoly

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Hey i need a guy who is good in Lua coding and exactly knows how to setup a server. I have the Map. Your job is it to Set the map up for me with some Scripts (Scripts for Stunt Server). Nothing special just an Admin Script, Anti Cheat Script and some others that would be good for a Stunt Map. The second thing is that i will release new versions of my map....these map haves to be up to date so i will send you the new code and you update the files what should be no problem. I pay 10$ oncly (via Paypal) and maybe Admin rights.



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Realistically 10$ is an ok price, for someone who knows what they are doing, it sounds like maximum 15 minutes work. You wouldn't even have to code anything, just download a few scripts from mtabeta.com and install them.

I'll do it, what's your xfire username?

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