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Playing MTA SA with a Sempron 3400+ 1,8 Ghz

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I have played MTA SA before, and I'm worried because I think my processor will use 100% usage if I play online. I think that this problem is also at singleplayer. But if my processor is 100%, I can play SA very good.

My CPU temp. is 25¤.

Anyone here playing MTA with a Sempron 3400+ or lower?

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@ Topic Creator

First, your post doesn't make sense.

Second, the Sempron +3400 shouldn't have a problem running this game/mod; provided that the rest of your computer is up to par. No problem running this game on my old Sempron +3200 1.8GHz PC with a x800GTO 256MB GPU and 1.5GB of DDR RAM.

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It depens all on what sort of gamemode the server is running. in stealth servers evrything should run very smoothly on a P4 or a Sempron

But when you join the FMJ server you will have more lagg (- ~20fps) or something. As far i know is that because there are very much vehicles in that mode.

My own server had it too when i had a lot of vehicles. (terrible low fps) so i removed 90% of the vehicles and it runs very smooth now.

Edit: MTA seems to be using a lot more cpu then singleplayer. If you want to play MTA Dp2 perfectly you really need a dual core. (and even not the cheapest)

Dp3 works a lot better btw.

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