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B.L.A.S.T.A vs -=VCK=- Stunt Contest Awards


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OK - entries are basically all but closed, its now at warlord's discression when he wants to end submissions for this comp (well when enough vck entries are in, keep entering until he says otherwise vck =P)

Thought I would let you all know about the awards that are up for grabs

Best GANG <-- The biggie, which gang is the best at stunting in mta?

Best STUNT <-- Who can pull the craziest stunt of them all?

Best STUNTPERSON <-- Probably the most coverted prize of em all - Who is the best?

Best NON-PCG Stunt - Who can pull the best stunt on a freeway or faggio? - for those who want to do it in style!

Most ORIGINAL Stunt - Who did a stunt in a really weird place, or made that spectacular landing/recovery, or who made that really huge transfer that may not get best stunt, but looks cool =)

I havent decided voting, but I guess best gang will have to be made by the public, as for the rest, they could be made by those who competed only, by the MTA developers, or by the public

Those who win im sure will be able to add these awards to their sig with pride eg "Winner of BEST STUNTPERSON in the mighty BLASTA vs VCK stunt comp"

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I am very ill. I have not been able to get out of my bed. I hope to get better soon and will continue to complete the movie when I am able. Hopefully I'll see you guys soon.

This is his wife, I had to type this for him. He had to write this on a peice of paper. He wishes he could do this himself but he cannot get out of his bed without falling over.

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I turned this into the "Warlord Archon get well soon" post.

He told me to keep an eye on this thread to see if anyone else has a download for him so he could get ahold of them when he gets better. He's doing good so he'll be back soon. He wanted to let you all know thpugh he is coming back. Not leaving.

Mrs Kitty

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*xerox considers editing warlord's post and adding in a smily*

welcome back man

Mr Bump will have a whole heap of replay files for ya, and once you have them, just start compiling the vid, you can close this comp off at your discression.

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