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Here's something I dug up:

I rerecorded a HD version with sound and uploaded it to my YouTube account. This recording of the trailer is not faithful to the original in terms of precision but each time the SCM is executed things are slightly different.

Here's the original:

Sadly, this is the only footage I was able to find. I was hoping for some beta footage or something more interesting.

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I went through every topic in the news subforum and fixed every broken link and image to the best of my ability.

SugarD-x and I have been going through every website on the web archive and doing our best to restore every broken image and link there, too, and also making some of the smaller pages HTML compliant. We're not quite done yet though. Slothman's MTA comics are a fun read! :)

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I spent around 8 hours rewriting mta_0.5_launch to be XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant and ensuring that everything works in all major current browsers. The only things that aren't functional are the download counters. It looks slightly different from the original page, but the changes aren't anything major by any means.

The page looks a little wrong in a couple places using IE6, primarily the overly complex download page (see a visual representation, thanks to Aibo), but really... do you think I'm going to bother fixing IE6 issues, much less want to? :dontknow: That download page started out with something like 330 errors and it alone took 3 hours to get things valid and CSS'd. It could still be optimized some more, but #care enough.

More page rewrites to come, if I feel up to it. :fadein:

EDIT: Made pages XHTML Strict valid (but still having Transitional doctype due to some bug with gaps below tables which has no workaround without side-effects) and fixed all but one trivial IE6 bug. :toothy10:

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I've slowly been rewriting the other pages - all except 2.0, 3.0 - 3.1, and unknown have been rewritten so far to HTML5 standards and to have their full functionality restored, even the download counters in mta_0.5_launch and mta_sa_launch, for example. I even do my best to get things looking correctly in IE6.

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