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[REL] Pay'N'Sprays + Fast-Food + Ammunations + JP ^r2pl2


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since I thought it'd be handy for some scripts (e.g. freeroams) to have some not-native features available in MTA, I wrote a small script

Features (atm)

  • all single-player pay'n'sprays available, pay'n'spray icons are fading in when you're near them, you can create a list of disallowed vehicles (planes, boats and police vehicles are already added)
  • single-Player Fast-Food restaurants available, icons and markers fading in when you're near them, prices, names and images are changeable in shops.map/images-folder
  • All single-player ammunations with a slightly changed item list, you may obtain all Pistols, Shotguns, SMG, Assault Rifles, Rifles, Grenades and Parachutes in all ammunation-stores, all with the same price - individual stuffing can be achieved modifying the shops.map
  • You may obtain a Jetpack from your nearest Weapon vendor, you can apply and remove the jetpack at any given time (when you're on ground), as long as you put enough fuel in.



alternate download


onPayNSpray( vehicle, driver ) -- cancel this event to prevent someone respraying his vehicle 
onPayNSprayFix( vehicle, driver ) -- tells you when someone resprayed his vehicle, e.g for removing wanted stars 
onShopBuyArticle( player, shopID, articleID ) -- see shops.map for ids, e.g. FDCHICK (Cluckin' Bell) CLUHEAL (Salad) 

planned features for this script in some kind of next release

  • Armor <-- ICON NEEDED
  • Tuning-Shops

Stay tuned


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do you have money on the server? unless you change it, it requires you to have $100 or more - else it wouldn't work. You can change it in the settings though

If you got absolutely no money (0$), you might wanna re-download the file - there's a message added in that case, and a small fix.

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It's a website that is going to be used for people to post their lua and pawn scripting tutorials to help those who need extra help getting started, We aren't ready to open the forum yet tho untill we get a decent amount of lua tutorials, we have around 10 sa-mp tutorials and 5 LUA tutorials, we are hoping to level them out before opening the forums to the public.

If your interested in making some lua tutorials then feel free to add me on msn [email protected] or contact me on irc #vs (gtaNet)

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Updated to r2 - added fast-food restaurants - Cluckin' Bell, Well Stacked Pizza Co. and Burger Shot - all over San Andreas, includes interior markers

You should not load the resource "interiors" - which is, by the way, fps-killing and especially weird at rotations and ratios real-interiors - fake-interiors (such as a restaurant has ~10 interior markers, but only one interior). Also, my interior_lite-script supports the "noweapon"-tag, whcih means you CANT shoot in those restaurants above, plus the "marker"-tag for radar-icons

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yeah, I've already have the images for ammunation-weapons:



no seriously, i need to change the table-layout in the shops.lua a bit, it isn't an EXTREME amount of work (like this was, coding all the interior and spawn script), but i still need all ammunation locations... I've noticed the map i got with GTA doesn't show the market-cluckin' bell, so I still use the coords from the interiors.zip-resource - just a bit modified, as explained above (I'm mainly worried about the fact all rotations are wrong, so I keep falling out of the interior until i find the correct angle :( ).

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The progress on Ammu-Nations is pretty good, but I can't finish it today - I got find some points for the "buy"-marker, and gotta see which weapons to finally choose.


Also I may point out, Armor and Jetpacks will come later - but not yet.

For armor, I'd need a image in the same style as all those above are... I got one for jetpacks though, so for them to work, i need to finish my small, handy application "JetpackControl" - which allows you to apply and remove a jetpack everywhere.

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Updated to r2pl1 - added Ammu-Nation stores all accross the country, where they are in singleplayer...

You may modify the shops.map to fit your needs, especially which articles are available at which stores (AMMUN1 - AMMUN5) and at which prices/with which ammo.

I've noticed the second map bug on my GTA-map now, the ammunation from El Querebados is 2000 feet off, and the cluckin' bell in Market isn't there :(

There's only 2 big drawbacks - you can't use Armor yet (I've no icon for it), and Jetpacks aren't useable currently. Feel free to make an armor-icon in the same style as the weapon icons, I'd really appreciate it. And for Jetpacks... later maybe, pl1 was just a small patch-level, not a "new" release with a lot changed - althought I've optimized some parts of the code - Jetpack control is a cool idea of myself but I'm not yet finally sure about how to make it possible.


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uh-oh. are you sure it's an armor vest?

And the thing is, i can't give players jetpack in interiors. And even if i would, how would they get rid of them? That's my point, I need to think about how I do it.

maybe bind the jetpack to a key, so they can put it on and take it off whenever they like

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