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MTA Paintballing


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I actually played on a server with exploding bullets last night (was hella fun :D ) and it reminded me of the paintball tutorial. I would like to see this too, is the source for that script available? I don't think it was ever part of the scripting tutorials, but I'd love to get the sample for it :D

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me 2, exploding bullets are easy :P

it's the same deal, you don't create explosions but a small corona (you might wanna attach it if the element is moving, for example a player)

how could i attach it i tryed alot of ways, but it never worked :(

you can try with onClientWeaponFire, it has a hitElement argument, if that exists you need to calculate the offsets ( a bit tricky ) and attach the marker to it

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getElementPosition the element it hitted




then you set XYZ of corona to elementz+offsetx

I believe it's not that easy :P because of the way attachElementToElement works, for example if you attach an orb to a player with the ( 0 -1 0 ) offsets, the orb will always be positioned to the back of the player regardless of his rotation

however you can calculate the right offsets using trigonometry

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