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RESOURCE: Automatic Gamemode Loader for MTA:DM


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And what does it do? It automatically loads gamemodes, but when?

At present your unable to start gamemodes automatcially using mtaserver.conf when you boot your server up, this way you can.

As for putting a console message up, you can clearly see that the gamemode has started as the two resources you put into settings.map would have loaded.

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I know 1 way of having your server start with a specific gamemode. In your server config file at the bottom there are a bunch of resources being loaded. (dunno the exact syntax off hand :( ). All I did was add an entry and put a gamemode inside the brackets (ex:"Hay") and every time I start my server, Hay is loaded automatically. But I have to admit, at first it was confusing to start a server and just see a black screen when I joined, until I finally learned about votemode :P

Maybe some of this info could be added to the server manual, since I basically had to mess around and figure it out on my own at first 8)

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Adding gamemodes to the bottom of the config like assault won't simply work magus... it's only hay and fallout that works.

Oh, I only tried it with Hay and CTO and those both worked. But I think when you do it with gamemodes like assault it does load the gamemode, just not a specific map for it :?

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Why are you storing the settings in a map?

You've should either be using the settings system or if you really want, a custom XML config file.

Because i did make this for only myself, and i made it in 5 minutes...

Its not ment to be a good resource, its just ment to work.

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Sounds... Weird. On my server, I had that issue. But at this point, I created my own game mode that combines CDM, FR, and Broph scripts into one game mode that is free roam. It is pretty clean.

care to share :P

Share the script or how I did it ?

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this sounds like a really cool idea because i keep forgetting to start a gamemode

and when you start mta you cant tab out to turn it on

i only use broph fr and would really like to know how to start it automaticaly

i tried to download the script posted earlier but it asks for username and password to gain access

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