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Free MTA Server - apply in topic.

Guest JamesK10

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I am offering a free MTA server, to anyone who thinks that they can have moderate amounts of users.

This means that I dont want the server to be 0/14 people 24/7..

Apply within, let me know why you think you will make a good admin, (why you think you could make the server popular), what you will do to make the server popular, previous experiances, etc, time zone, country,

and basically anything that might help me in my decision.


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I still ran our server the {SB}Clan with one the best scritps we had a packed server all the time and most of my members still ask to play it was the best game at the time and i would love to get a nother server thats better then the one a run from my house MTA vc would be packed if more ppl new that you could go on line with vice city when i tell ppl the are like really ? So if more ppl new about it servers would be packed again Not everybody likes GTA SA i rather play VC anyday

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