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What's the status with the MySQL module that is offered by the MTA team? On the site, it claims the link is 'pending', however searching back through the history, I found the link. After downloading and installing, it seems to have no effect on the script I'm running.

Is the MySQL module working; if not, is there an expected time period for when it will be working, once again?

Here is a snippet of the code I'm using to call the access to the MySQL. Is there anything 'wrong' with it, that may be causing it to not work.

function onMySQLOpen ( result ) 
    if ( result ) then 
        outputServerLog ( "MySQL connection established." ) 
        outputDebugString ( "MySQL connection established." ) 
        outputChatBox( "MySQL connection established." ) 
        outputServerLog ( "MySQL connection failed." ) 
        outputDebugString ( "MySQL connection failed." ) 
        outputChatBox( "MySQL connection failed." ) 
function mysqltest () 
    handler = mysqlCreate () 
    MysqlOpen ( handler, "onMySQLOpen", "**MySQL Server weburl goes here**", "** My useraccount **", "** password **", "** database name **", "3306" ) 

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offcourse you do you made it yourself -_- But i don't recommand it to myself becausse the function names are else so if the official module will work everyone can alters his scripts -_-

ryden's module is way much better, with the module the mta team has provided, you can't even fetch results.

So, be more smart next time. :D

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