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hackers :(

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Yeah it blows >8(

Troy...the dude that made SA-MP Close for a day come into the server i was in [OFFICIAL] Fallout 24/7

and advertised some site Where to get hacks...i told him to f*ck off and get a life [=

I'm not protecting him, but TroyRulz007 didn't take SA-MP down, it was SA-MP Administration who did it...

They still exist & it was just a little setback...

Hacking makes you shit side of a game...

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Just make protection that prevents running MTA with d3dx9.dll file in GTA SA dir.. Minimizer won't work but i think it's a small sacrifice in compare to the permanental anti-hack protection..

BTW. Why the game is "jumping" while MTA DM playing? It's just great speed, I haven't had that much fps ever in GTA but it's just annoying .. Many people is complaining about that..

And the final thing - playing race maps.. It's just impossible becouse people with slow PCs (~80%) have to wait until map loads/downloads and other players are long time gone from start..

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no no plz do not do what sa-mp have done and banned the d3dx9.dll plz plz do not do that beacause loads of people including me use it to get windowed mode :shock:

I sincerely agree with this quite amusing, yet still honest, attempt at preventing the banning of a file which is crucial to the survival of a species of gamers that are, though not widely recognized, quite widespread throughout the universe of computer-gaming.

Holy Christ in his undergarments, that was fun to write!

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cant we all just get on

I don't get it, I thought you disliked SA-MP? Why destroy a thing of beauty? :(

I'm not trying to Rodger, my fight lies with SA-MP, or shall i say Lied with sa-mp, sa-mp phails

I was playing MTA a lot today and i like it a lot more then lousy sa-mp. Then clan im in has brought in a no hacking policy in regards to MTA.

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It sounds stupid - some people who try to ruin a game, but that's what they do.. :|

Troy and his team got some troubles for SA:MP it's players and devs like a million times...

Like i said - hopefully there will be a good Anti Cheat :F

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