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New Version 3.0

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I just recently purchased GTA SA after reading about this. After installing and downloading everything I would need...it turns out that I have v3.0. Is there a downgrader available and if not what can I do besides purchasing an older copy of the game? My wife would kill me... If for some reason your method is not something they would like for you to post here...feel free to email me: [email protected]....Thanks for any help anyone can provide!

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I also purchased GTA:SA from Direct2Drive.com

It too also is version 3.0, and Ive been to countless forums for a downgrade or rollback.

Because it seems (after doing some research) that any version higher than 1.0 (after that Hot Coffee mod was released to the public)

they blocked out all modifications from being entered into the new version of the game.

And I know its because the "gta_sa.exe" is encrypted.

I haven't tested switching the .exe files yet to play MTA (which im going to now)...

but if switching the .exe files is going to work, I found a website on where to download those and some trainers.

PM me for Link.

Hope that helps.

If anyone has any other information on downgrading or rolling back version (IE: Version 3.0 > 1.0 etc)

feedback is appreciated.





Well I downloaded the "GTA: San Andreas v1.0 [ALL] Crash Fix Patch"

(Google it)

Which is basically just a .exe file

That allowed me to play MTA.

Havent tried modding yet. Well I'll keep you informed.

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Hey some of the veteran MTASA players might remember me as Smigmee, I used to play way back right before player names were added, my system blew and now im back and running.

I bought GTA:SA on steam and got myself a v1.00 of gta_sa.exe. Sadly this did not do the trick, upon clicking on MTA start up I get a brief loading screen then gta_sa.exe tries to open but closes before it is even able to get itself running.

I then found the exact version that was suggested above "GTA: San Andreas v1.0 [ALL] Crash Fix Patch" and im back in action baby!!!!

Let me just say that you guys have done some amazing work. MTA is looking and feeling amazing. ...and to think it was already amazing when I last played

See you in game!!!


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If the downgrader doesn't work, you can always ask one of your friends that plays MTA to send you his gtasa.exe.

There is no way that will work! In each version there are many changes in the files, an example from v1-2 is that the gta3.img didnt exist, the gta_sa.exe is what open's all the files needed, so if you have v3 and you try to use it it would absolutely not work, you cant make it work when its trying to open files that are non existent in the game, i would suggest you download the whole game from somewhere.

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