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my radeon x 1600

Guest iluutone

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i have to config my display adapter for more brightness in almost every game but it doesn't work in mta:sa.. in singleplayer gta:sa it does just fine and in mta until the grand theft auto screen goes away and the mta menu is displayed.. so in night time races i can't see sh*t except in the cities.. might there be some kind of script that would help?


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if i turn singleplayer brightness to the max setting it's still not enough.. and i got this monitor from my sister and she had no issues with it so i'm quite sure its my crappy silent x1600.. i just thought there would be a way around this problem by scripting because i have understood there are mods to change graphics and stuff..

oh and the monitors brightness and contrast are both at 100 %

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You can use the ATI Catalyst Control Center to increase brightness (it's in the Color section). If you create a separate profile with the increased brightness, you can turn it on and off very easily (by right-clicking the ATI tray icon). I have an x1600 too and that's how I do it.

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