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Your MTA History!



Ill start off so you get the idea :)

Clans Ive been in:

-LZ- (Legendz)

ReBorN (Rebornpublic)

[Y] (Yamakasi/Betafield Servers.)

Team NeO (VIP)

Admin for:

Reborn (9)

Team NeO (VIP)

Betafield (8) (still am)

Name history:

2006 - Takashi, Kazuya, KazuyaDK.

2007 - Yoshimitsu, Yoshi, Magic, x16.

gettum postin!

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lol, i just never thought enother clan with these letters existed so i thought it was my clan :P:roll:

And since outside of the page on google it wrote munch's last post, i got carried :roll::lol:

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I think this is a pretty fitting thread to post into. My last login was Febuary 2nd, 2006 so I guess I need to read the new forum rules since they appeared to have changed shortly after my last login. :lol:


I've been following MTA since the Vice City days of version 0.1. I've played every one of their releases including the GTAIII ones way back in the day. I remember using mods on the first version of vice city and being able to use that silly cheese wedge car and drive at my friends and make them fly into the air. Version 0.3 I believe was the first one to make it so you couldn't mod the game and it wasn't until Race where modding finally came back. Here we are over 4 years later and now the sync issues might have finally been fixed. :shock:

I was saddened to hear the bad news about one of the KFC members as I remember playing against their clan way back when.

It's almost kind of funny to think that I've been checking this site every so often waiting for blue to come out. It was really cool to play race but not being able to get out of your car kind of limits the possibilies that GTA holds. I can't wait to try this new release out with some friends on a lan and hopefully we'll be able to play with few crashes and sync'ed gameplay. Congratutions has to go out to the MTA team for sticking with it this long, I would have never imagined that 4 years later I would still be interested in an addon mod to bring multiplayer to a single player game. Let's hope the flexibility that they've added to this release and the years of hard work will finally bring one of most useful aspects to the Grand Theft Auto series to life.

Here's to another 5 years of MTA! :occasion5:

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was ChA$iS from MTA 0.1 till MTA:VC 0.5 when VC:MP came out changed name to Jony

clans that i was in:

[*D*] = SA-MP

[R6] = SA-MP

and teh VCK in both SA-MP and MTA, tho i dont use the tag but im like still a VCK =)

hai shitfire

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It's funny, I hung around the forums for a year or two before even playing MTA. Started with GTA3:MTA 0.3b but quickly moved onto the more advanced MTA:VC (think it was 0.3c or something). Then a long time later, MTA 0.5 came out, but I mainly played GTA3 rather than VC. Then I beta-tested Race and tested DM when it came out. I didn't play Race much in public servers. Then unfortunately time became a problem for me (and the lack of a Windows PC) so I had to kind of give it up.

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