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All-in-Wonder 9000 for GTA

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I just bought GTA SA USA version 2. I have read as much as I could stand and then some on how to get this to work. I have tried updating drivers (video and directX), patching the version, taking out the file in My Doc.,uninstalling and reinstalling in suggested order (a few times), changing settings to performance, and so on. All to come up with the same Black Screen after intro. I realized that almost everyone got it to work after following directions correctly. Everyone except the ones with the same ATI 9000 that I have. I tried the Omega driver but, that disables my TV Tuner. I will eventually buy the ATI 9800 but until then... if I get my hands on a GTA3 or VC do you think I will have the same problem or should my video card support the older games?



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Does GTA:SA singleplayer work? And be sure that you have GTA:SA downgraded to version 1.0 as 2.0 doesn't support MTA. Another thing that happens to my friend is GTA:SA/MTA won't work if he has dual display on, it gives him an error on loadup. So he has to put it on Single display and then it works fine.

That's all I really know, hope it helps :wink:

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I had a Radeon 9000 a long time ago, the whole lineup(ALL 9000 cards) ware defective, no matter which manufacturer or revision it was(i changed quite a few) they ware all defective. Like yourself :) i tried every possible trick with no luck whatsoever, in the end i bough a 9700Pro and its in my old PC now, still doing its job perfectly :)

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