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Still lurking


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Ello Ello!

How's everybody doing?

The community seems to have grown quite a bit.

I've got to admit,i've been awfully quiet and inactive for the past two years or so.

Life has taken it's toll on me.

I still hop onto the forums once in awhile.In "lurk mode" though.

What's the progress on Blue so far?

Any of the old timers still around?

VCK still alive and kicking i hope!?

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Hehe,good to know that some of you are still around.

Anyway,i started playing the TF 2 beta today and i can't remember the last time i enjoyed playing a game this much.

This game is pure offbeat fun.If you've pre-ordered the Orange Box too,plz let me know so that i can add you to my friends list.

I Am also anxiously waiting for Blue to get released.I Am still wondering why it's taking them so long!?

Oh well,as long as they release,eventually.

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