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|FUR| - Finnish Ultimate Racers


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I started a new clan called by Finnish Ultimate Racers.

Our clan has own server, and its running in Finland, Helsinki.

Note that, Only Finnish players can join to our clan.


About FUR clan:

Members = I havent counted yet. Currently we have some 5-10 Clan members.

Leader = Me, SanZoR (SanZoR or |FUR|SanZoR in game)

Homepage = http://www.fur.fin-mta.net / fur.fin-mta.net


If you want know more, feel free to ask.


About FUR server:

Location = Finland, Helsinki

Admins = All FUR members

Owner = Me, SanZoR (SanZoR or |FUR|SanZoR in game)

Uptime = Usually 24/7

Max Players = 14 (Will grow, if enought members join!)

Maps = 10 Stunt/FreeRoam maps and over 200 race maps (Bad maps will be removed)


Again, ask me if you got any questions.


If you are interested to join our clan, please type your application here, in Finnish

Well, thats all =)

I hope i get here a lot of applications :)

Thank you!

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Jep :)

Eipä oo mfS* jäsenii paljon näkyny :D

Eli jos saatte klaaninne taas kasaan, voitaisi ottaan matsia :D

Meillä on pari hyvää jäsentä, kun saan jäsenlistan valmiiksi, niin kasaan parhaimmat pelaajat, jotta saataisi matsia :)

Keep it in english. :wink: But yea sure we could play a match, but what mod you exactly mean? You could come at our irc channel #mfs-sa at quakenet so we can talk more about possible match.

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