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Read this first, if you are looking for MTA home server!




I have seen a lot of ppl who have started their MTA servers with really crap internets. Example, my friend told me he could run his 32 players server with no lagg using 512/512k internet! We all know thats 100% bulls*it, but i write this if ppl really wanna start quality MTA server, with no lagg. Read this table, and you will know what to set max players, or what internet what you should buy! See the list below:


Internet speed: | Max. Players: (Recommended-Max Etc. 10-12. Recommended is 10 and max is 12) | Other Info

256k 3-4 | Low speed with ADSL

512k 7-8 | Normal Speed with ADSL

1024k (1kb) 13-15 | High speed with ADSL

1536k (1,5kb) 20-23 | This speed is possible with ADSL2+

2048k (2kb) 26-30 | This speed is possible with ADSL2+ Annex M

2560k (2,5kb) 32-38 | This speed can run full (32 player) server with no lagg

3096k (3kb) 40-46 | This speed is possible with ADSL2+ Annex M



PS. I only listed speeds with ADSL technic, cause its most regular technic. For older technics, like ISDN is not recommended for any servers.

But if you got Etc. VDSL connection or other faster speed, you can run one or more servers with no lagg.

I hope this list is helpful!

- Greetings, LilSan :wink:

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2560k (2,5kb) 32-38 | This speed can run full (32 player) server with no lagg

3096k (3kb) 40-46 | This speed is possible with ADSL2+ Annex M

There is no mta server that supports over 32 players, is there? However good luck running one on 2.5mbit lol.. You took the numbers out of your head? I'd like too see some bandwidth stats with player count in the actual time to prove those numbers, not just something to create a new thread

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If every client uploaded at 1.5KB/s and the server sends that data to all other players, with 32 players in the game, each person would be downloading at 1.5*32 = 48KB/s. That requires each client to have a minimum of a 512k connection.

Crazy hey? Whats worse? If the server were to send that data to all the clients in the game, with each client downloading at 48KB/s, the server would need to upload a stunning speed of 1536KB/s. That would need a 15Mbit upload minimum.

This is all theory and calculations, but may be more accurate than the ones predicted above (which were probably straight from the head).

Using these predictions, I can make a new list of upload speed recommendations. Please note that I divide the connection speed in bits by 10 to get bytes because I take account into data throughput.

With an upload speed of 1.5KB/s per client, I can make my own formula of the speed required in KB/s. You can also replace the 1.5 with 15 to get Kbit throughput. The formula for KB/s that I made is:

(Upload Speed in Kbits) = 1.5 * (Amount of Players)^2

(Amount of Players) = SquareRoot((Upload Speed in KBits) / 1.5)

128k = 3 players

256k = 4 players

512k = 5 players

768k = 7 players

1024k = 8 players

1.5MBit = 10 players

2MBit = 11 players

2.5Mbit = 13 players

3Mbit = 14 players

4Mbit = 16 players

6Mbit = 20 players

8Mbit = 23 players

12Mbit = 28 players

16Mbit = 32 players

There are serveral things to take into account with using this forumula:

  • These are all predictions, and may not be entirely accurate.
  • A higher upload speed than indicated for the maximum players may also help reduce lag.
  • The server does not need much download speed compared to the upload speed, so the download speed doesn't really matter.
  • This is assuming that every player comes from the internet, not local or LAN.
  • You may be able to add 1 player to all of the predictions, that is if the server does not send the data back to the sender.
  • This only applies to MTA:SA:Race. The upcoming MTA:SA:DM may have better netcode to help the servers.

Hope this gives a good estimation of the maximum players for your new servers.

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Ahem.. sorry for the double post, I can't edit my one above. The formula is wrong. It's meant to be KB not Kbits.

For KiloBytes:

(Upload Speed in KB) = 1.5 * (Amount of Players)^2

(Amount of Players) = SquareRoot((Upload Speed in KB) / 1.5)

For KiloBits:

(Upload Speed in KBits) = 15 * (Amount of Players)^2

(Amount of Players) = SquareRoot((Upload Speed in KBits) / 15)

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