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I don't think they mind mods, as long as they don't give them bad press and issues with the US authorities (e.g. Hot Coffee).

If they do release multiplayer, I doubt it will scriptable, I doubt it will have a map editor, and I doubt it would support custom models. I think MTA will be popular for a long time. The only difference it is likely to make is that people won't go LOOKING for multiplayer, so fewer people would know about MTA.

Although they'd probably be able to sync certain things like physics better than the MTA team, so it would have advantages in those areas.

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I'm pretty sure if GTAIV has very good online play, then the MTA Team will just move on with their lives. Get a well payed full time job as computer stuff, and we'll still enjoy playing GTAIV online, as they will, but without working on it. Haha maybe even they get jobs at rockstar north, making the online mod, for GTAV.

And if not, they could make other non-online games online. Rebuild the GTA2 online mode, maybe (cause it sucks), I mean GTA2 is free and rockstar website, that'd be awsome to play wiht 30 people.

And if not not, then they'll keep on improving MTADM, I'm waiting the release just as much as GTAIV, its gonna be huge, it looks extremely proffesional. We/They will have somthing to do.

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we'll have to wait and see, PC version hasn't been confirmed yet (it's just a matter of time) but do you think it will have online multiplayer? the console version of SA had some sort of multiplayer while the PC game had nothing so there's a possibility it will happen again, personally I doubt it but who knows

either way I don't think they are focusing on making a really complex multiplayer, most probably it will be something really basic like deathmatch with 16 players or so, maybe cooperative missions.. however MTA:DM offers a whole lot more, being able to create your own gamemodes and fun scripts opens up endless possibilities

just because GTA IV will have multiplayer you think PC players will stop playing MTA? ;) not to mention we have to wait ~1 year for the PC release

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The online console version was a load of bull, literally. The rotation of the angles after every movement just got completely out of hand and the rampages were over in less then 20 seconds, so then was the entire co-op game play altogether.

Nothing will ever be forgotten of this mod because it holds a history, it wont be all thrown down the drain either, no matter what the outcome is for the next game.

Worst comes to worst? I’ll drop down a few versions, roll back into 0.3 and live life from there.

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Rockstar said that GTA IV wont have a MMORPG multiplayer so mta will have a job :). I think the multiplayer will be like in SA

Rockstar said "GTA IV will not be an MMO", they did not say whoever it wouldn't have any RPG base in it.

PS3 online sounds good for this game, but how good it will be online made by Rockstar themselves we will just have to wait and see.

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That still doesn't confirm whether or not there is multiplayer for PC too, as SA for PS2 had multiplayer that didn't make it to the PC version. In fact, we don't even know if there is going to be a PC version yet. They haven't made PC versions of LCS and VCS yet.

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the stories were little games with nothing new that were just created to support the Playstation Portable Rockstar didnt paid alot to create this games, but GTA IV is new it had costs a lot of money to them so the must reach as many clients as possible. Of course it will be later for PC, thanks to pirates but it will be

a very sure and hopefull client of rockstar!!!

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