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[M]ta [D]oesnt [S]uck Clan!


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==About Us!==

Ok first off, no this clan is not a joke. This clan has been a secret project of mine for a while now and we have been training extensively. As of now you can recognize us when we play on the official servers because we will play with the tag [MDS].

This clan is about all things mta, and you have to love it dearly to join. Im tired of all the mta hate so i figured id be useful and make a clan where we can get a nice big memberbase and show everyone that mta doesnt suck~! If this sounds like fun feel free to joiN!



==How to Apply!==

To request membership dont suck and then post here. Please fulfill all the requirements before you post.

==Official Website!!==



Please note the above link will not let noobs view it so dont give us any crap about page not found errors, its working as intended.

==Contact Information==

If you need to contact us about Joining MDS or have any questions then feel free to talk to the nearest mta loving personel you can find as there is a part of us in all mta lovers!

There is also the optional irc @ irc://irc.multitheftauto.com/mds if you need irc get it at http://www.mirc.com and pm/msn me for help setting it up if needed. Please note that as with all of our services noobs cannot see the real deal. So dont go complaining if you cant chat with us its not our fault.

==I want to join your awesome clan but i need training!==

Not a problem. Just join servers with the tag [vc*] and you will get training. Its as simple as that!

==Other Stuff to Remember==

This clan is not a joke. Remember that to join you have to be a non-noob and thus il be honest in that 99 percent of you will go through training before you can get in this clan. If you want a shot then post here and wel try you out within 24 hours.

We have never lost a gangwar and we will never lose one. Thank you for your interest!

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this lasted long DB

gg KFC


He's actually in KFCr


I talked to XCripsy and I guess him and Db worked something out but I don't know where it stands now. XC is free to recruit whoever he wants. Im fine with it but I wish XCripsy knew how to use a forum so things can be official when he lets ppl in...

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