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Map Center DOWN O_O



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Proly... Flame on guys, flame on.. but no thx, im out again.. and yes, i hate that e-mailnotification.. i like some guys in here, yeah...

But whatever... i'm not flaming anyone, and wyeah, it is shit... and yes i made it.. so what? find someone else to code shitty crap, if this is a way someone returning to solve a problem should be treated: fine with me. Shame of the good old fun times i had with MTA.

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Correct me if I'm wrong here but you didn't say "I'll come fix it". I just mentioned the problem and you started making posts announcing our problems and sulking, along with signing them all with a ":wink:" to denote your smugness.

You left in the first place on your own accord when people were hired to redesign the center for the future (which has not debuted yet, this MTA center is all your doing). You weren't forced out or anything so nobody has done you wrong. The operations of the QA or MTA team will not change according to your will, if you can't accept the work conditions then don't help. Nobody is going to beg for your help or appease you to get it.

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