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Which is why we're always coming up with new Ideas to etc, keeping our servers as unique as possible and obviously, not handing out any of our scripts/maps etc.

But when we see people trying to replicate our features it's kinda annoying =\ anyway, this guy wont get anymore of our ideas that's for sure ;) aint that right wireless/roberto? :P

I just think people should be able to use their own minds and come up with their own ideas, and if need be, get help with making those ideas reality rather than copying/replicating what someone elses work? =\ and no it's more than a few lines lol :P well ours is anywayz :P

Ehm about the maps:

anyone can get some of the maps in NeO's couse there downloaded and modified al little by changing spawn points and change some cars to cops etc.. lol ^^

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Well, i got in my own server script like you can buy own command for your nick. Like if your name is "noob" the command will be !noob

And for Andrerson, there's a bug in your server's script. There is allowed to type !setreply $mta.ban($1,$2) and if your nick is "stats" and you add this command, someone who types !stats will be banned... This is not fair, isnt it? I got banned into anderson's server cause someone edison has did that...

So, however, i hope !setreply will be removed

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we didnt download OUR maps

we(our member or user/ create them and they arent downloaded

on the cnr server most are created by neos

on the dm and race server some are downloaded

most are idd created by NeO members.. but there are downloaded maps..

( get off my wood = downloaded and modified) Not that i care.. because it are cool maps ;)

@ lol'san that sucks to buy a reply..

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no... its not great to copy the scripts of the Clan neo infact its more fun if you can script bij urself and dont have to ask ;) and its even more fun if you make ideas for yourself couse let i say i make the setreply command as the exact one as team neo has if your done then what... no fun :) u use it maybe 2 times then you want to copy something else but does that make sence? no.. just make scripts @ ur own thats more fun than copy someone else his ideas

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Yeah, cos the issues are still the same, it seems. Nobody forces you to read it :wink:, and maybe if people do come back and provide some thoughts then maybe the issues discussed can be resolved or at least minimised. That was my intention.

Anyway, I don't know what's going on with this particular thread - I posted a reply and then it disappeared, then came back lol. Then another reply has vanished. Maybe it's a server problem or something else but all the other forums are ok..anyone else noticed it?

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