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rangeban script


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I need an rangeban script verry fast since i got some people who every day join and i want to ban couse they inpersonate admins and cheat

but the rangeban script i had dont works

i would be happy if you guys can make 1

and i also need an script that you must be logged in into IRC otherwise you got kicked so you must be logged in with nickserv etc,,

E.G :

JB_Frozen joined

JB_Frozen you are not logged in into IRC go to IRC and login

JB_frozen kicked

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u can range ban with PRS, or even remote admin.

eg: !banip

will ban all ip's starting with 89.123.

if ur too lazy to type .0.0 on the ban command, u could always add the same info in mta.command for !banip to !rangeban and add the 0.0 in the command.

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