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New game type idea: VIP, assassins, and bodyguards

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IJsVogel: thats why i had no cars in the first place.. but the slower car thing sounds perfect, also colored.

KAKes: if you read my original post, it says that the point is to get the VIP from one place to antother.. stealthy as possible.. so the VIP, has to move... in order to win. also the assasins would just camp the checkpoints

Kent747: great idea about beaing able to pass off what ever it is (briefcase etc.)

Here is an updated list-o-ideas:

-VIP is randomely chosen

-VIP can pass off VIP responsibilities (Football-Breifcase-etc.), and becomes a gaurd

-VIP cannot run

-VIP cars drive slower, and change to an abnormal color.

-VIP has to get from one place to another on the same island

here are some i thot of:

-instead of killing the VIP, the have to confiscate what he has.. that way if the VIP dies, one of his body gaurds can pickup his object.

-once the assasins get the VIP's object then they win, meaning that sniping might not be the best tactics, unless someones been trailing the VIP unnoteced.

-chatting is team oriented. so if im the VIP, only the body gaurds will see what i have to say.. same goes for the assasins

thats all i gotta say

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I would just like to say that the other day I played a very BAD hame of "hunted" a map from TFC that is basicaly where I coppied all those rules from. Any way the reason it was so bad is because the VIP was a noob and couldnt get the goals dont propely, the Assasins would be killing him every round and the Bodyguards were getting anoyed because of this. We asked him to stop being the VIP many times, eventualy he said he would stop when he got to 20 deaths, he was already on 17 or somthing. So at 20 deaths we asked him to change class. No he wouldnt, even though he said he would any way we kept playing like that for the rest of the map. It was a realy bad experience of that map, if not my worst. So I think if we do this that we should have a vote kick that people can use if thinks like this happen. Some people can screw things up badly if they know how.

i also think it is stupid if the game ends when you kill the VIP

It wouldnt end the game, It would just restart it, like go back to the start so the VIP can try again, or maby to a new point or somthing but it wouldnt end the entire game and it probly wouldnt take the VIP to finish everything in a hour.

LATER... Oh and im glad you liked my idea... or atleast rules.

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If the VIP drops the item, and its picked up its starting to be a CTF game. Its a good idea, im just wondering if this could start turning into a ctf game, than a VIP game.

If the VIP is usless, so be it, there is always next round, passing it on isnt a great idea either, as people will pass it to their best player.

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[mabey lets do vip this way. Assistants don't know who is vip, till they kill one of the bodybuards. vip can then hange clothes after killing some person from street(he wil get his clothes. he can als o keep bein invisible for short time.

Hmm that would require some work but could work. Kinda like Hitman 2.

If the VIP drops the item, and its picked up its starting to be a CTF game. Its a good idea, im just wondering if this could start turning into a ctf game, than a VIP game.

Well there wouldent be an item except the VIP, that means that he might be some govermant official or some other important person that the Assasins might want to kill... hmm I can all ready think of a couple of VIP's

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Well if the player could pass the item (briefcase or football etc) it would be more like a protect the flag that ctf.

So hows this sound (sounds pretty good to me)

-VIP can protect himself with unlimited uzi-thats all

-VIP can be passenger, car moves slower and is an odd color

-Instead of gaurds being dead for the rest of the game, they respawn 3 minutes after their death, that way if they are all wiped out at once.. there will be a time period in which the VIP must fend for himself

on other notes:

-the VIP clothes chaning idea is pretty cool.. its more like a witness protection plan, but still i dont think it would fit. perhaps tho...

-if the VIP dies, then ONLY another gaurd can collect it. this way, it the VIP is a noob, then he'll die quickly and a better player can get it... otherwise your stuck with whoever you get. after all, your supposed to be protecting the VIP, so if you cant handle it, that says something about both of you.

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Why not just make the guards and assasins respawn instantly in their bases?? They would still need time to get back to where the VIP was, but maby the Assasins could start closer to where the VIP had to get to. Oh and I dont realy understand what is with the object? I mean I would juse get the object and speed off to point B, Not that that would be easy with snipers ect. I think we should try and make this more so realistic than non-realistic. Than means no unlimeted uzi's no car going slower with a diffrent paint job and not a freekin football... well actucaly that mught be some what entertaining. Just my 2 cents

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well the original idea was to not allow cars to the VIP and Gaurds.. but we realized that would be a little too extreme. so instead.. the VIP car moves slower. this way you cannot jet from a to b. but the car would have to be reconizable as having the VIP, so it changes to an odd color. Also the gaurds are supposed to defend the VIP, so the VIP has to be weak, but powerful enough to be a fun charectar. so unlimited uzi is his only weapon. the "football" was a suggested way to pass on the VIP abilities once he dies.. so if he does.. the game is not over for everyone

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I think it would be easier to have every one but the VIP driving cars, hell if the VIP wants he can just jump onto the roof of a car and get to the destination. Another idea would be that the VIP can not drive but he can get in the passanger side but when he does get in, that car will show up n the enemy (Assasins) radar so the game would require a little bei more thaught and some tactics.

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Ok, this idea sounds like something damn good as long as you have a few players :)

Here's what I think.

VIP : Weak (just 100 health), can't pick up armor, but gets Uzi (unl. bullets) & 2 grenades (for emergencies :) ).

Bodyguards: 100 health & 100 armor, unlimited uzi, 5xassassin shotgun, 1xassassin grenades, 1xassassin sniper

Assassins: 100 health 20 -> 50 armor, unlimited uzi/shotgun/machine gun, 1xbodyguard rockets, 2xbodyguard grenades, 1xbodyguard molotov, 5xbodyguard sniper

Now, I like the idea of bodyguards respawning after a certain amount of time after death. And I like the "briefcase" idea too. Slower cars, yes, but not 1/4, that's too slow. Perhaps 5/8 or 3/4 or so, however all cars must be the same speed on all computers (ie. synced car speeds).

Once the VIP has been assassinated, the briefcase drops and is relocated randomly around the current island, with some sort of vague indication of its whereabouts (section names, or something like that). Whoever gets the briefcase becomes VIP, and perhaps some sort of record as to activities will decide on who becomes assassins & bodyguards (eg worked out depending on shots fired, kills, distance travelled, closest gotten to previous VIP, whatever may be used for this).

I think that's about all I can think of, but I do believe the VIP needs more ability than just running around & hiding. I like the costume change idea too, but make it allowed every 5-10 minutes, and when changed the VIP & bodyguards will be hidden unless an assassin can see the change.

Once changed, the VIP along with bodyguards will become visible again if:

a) A period of time has elapsed (say, 1 minute)


b) An assassin stays within a certain radius of the VIP for more than say 10 seconds.

Not sure about my costume change idea though, might make it too easy to travel from one place to another. Perhaps change time limits etc depending on how many people started in the game or something.

Perhaps just have it so they're hidden for 10-30 seconds or something.

Anyway, that's the idea converted into my head & configured the way I see it :)

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Sounds good. the only thing, tho is that if the VIP dies, the Breifcase should be where he was.. that way the assasins have to kill him and claim the Breifcase... or if a bodygaurd gets it first, he becomes the VIP.. otherwise it becomes too much like CTF (someone mentioned above)

as far as the speed goes, hows this: what ever car your in, its stats will be reduced to 1/2 of a Mana\Manana, not just half the car speed.

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How about whatever car the VIP chooses, it changes to the speed of the slowest car that the assassins have or something? or perhaps get an average speed so the slowest assassins can't catch, but the faster ones can? That'd make every1 use the fastest cars too, hehe :)

And, how about whoever ends up killing the VIP gets to be the VIP? Or is that a bit too much?

I do believe it's better if there's some randomization in it, so assassins can't CHOOSE to become VIP. And I also think that either the teams are of equal size so that sides can easily swap, or some code to determine as to who is bodyguards, VIP & assassins. And this code should reverse every 2nd time, so the "best" player will most definitely switch sides every time the VIP gets killed :) Or at least, most of the time, heh. :)

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Lets just make a certin car that only the VIP can use this would be easier and you wouldnt have to set the speeds for the car when the VIP was useing it. If you havnt played TFC, a great Half-Life mod you should check it out and have a look at the Hunted map. That map works very well and there arnt too many problems, I think people should base their ideas off that mod because its alot easier to decide on somthing if you have played it before.

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The assasins can never become VIP.. when they kill the VIP and pick up the breifcase, then the assasins win the game.. if a gaurd picks up the breifcase, the gaurd becomes the VIP.. however there are less gaurds to protect him (since he nologer counts) this way the goal is to get the VIP's Breifcase to the destination.. but only the VIP can carry it.. so its more of a VIPTICAVIB (Very Important Person That Is Carrying A Very Important Breifcase) :)

xerox is right... the gaurds need to be able to jack cars..

here is a reason why they go slower: the Breifcase is solid led, and has part of a crushed car inside... thus the man holding it cant to much and the car driving will move slower...

perhaps the car moves 40% less than normal speed.

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A briefcase with part of a crushed car inside? Why not have gold in it?

Oh, and if the assassins can never become the VIP, then there needs to be an option to set a time limit, so you can have games where the bodyguard/VIP team can actually get a victory.

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the objective is to pick up the briefcase! =) - we all may have forgotten that eh? =)

May as well give the car the same physics as the platinum runs for D-Ice and his missions.

So there is the limit, although a time limit would do the same.

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yup. Vogel is right. You should be able to drive like 1/2 the speed becuase if i couldnet drive it would get really boring and that would suck. Maybe you should make it so that the VIP can only be driven by the bodyguards at 1/2 the speed of the car.

Also i thiink that the VIP should be holding hte suitcase and to make him special i think that he should be able to smack people with the suitcase. Kind of like punching but just make it a little stronger or something.

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