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looking for a special object

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Place it somewhere your car can't go? For example: you want a rock to be moved. You make a cube out of fence objects (the cube is floating in the air), you place the rock in it, and under the cube you put the well-known explosion barrel. When you hit the barrel, the rock moves, correct me if i'm wrong

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I forgot to say that i was looking for this to make a DM map... wich means no cars.

I explain, i'll make a dm map with a prison: one team is the prison cops and the other team have to help a prisoneer to escape.

The prisoneer is in a prison cell and the only way to destroy his cell door is the explosive charge :)

That's why im looking for an object that could be destroyed or moved by an explosion but not by a gun shoot or a hand kick...

Can the rock work?

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Create the breakable bars below the prisoners hitting level, so he can crawl through if he crouches, but he cant hit them. The upper bars are solid and cant be broken. So the explosion 'bends' the lower bars and he crawls through.

As far as i know, there aren't any objects, which break from explosion and don't from hitting.

Create the breakable bars from street traffic posts or something, and unbreakable from these posts, which can't be broken (there are some tall and thin ones in some places in san).

I tested this and the results were quite good. Here are some pics of before and after the blast.



The breakable bars can be found in street and road items, the 45th object, turn it upside-down.(don't mind the thick post which is still there after explosion, i tested it and it couldn't be chosen later.)

Unbreakable bars can be found in fences, walls and gates, the 292th object. It's a prison cell door, but with it is a separated post, use this single post to create upper bars.

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