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Rustlers drops bombs in mta dm.

Guest Tono

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It would be nice if MTA team would make bomb dropping effect in rustler. On right controll rustler would drop the bomb and you have only 5-10 bombs, or it can drop bomb in every minute. Explode could be 2 times bigger than a grenade explode. I hope also that, you will make possible to have kills when you shoot someone with airplane/helicopter.

Sorry for bad lanquage. :roll:

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I think that's possible with scripting. The bomb thing was in the Christmas video...or at least something explosive fell out of the sky. All you have to do is get the current position of the airplane and drop the bomb :lol: .

Shooting from a helicopter can be done with the glue function I guess. Just glue a gunman to the helicopter and you can do some flyby shooting with your homies :P .

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