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Personal Profiles.


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What if every player could have a personal profile that could be carried with them no matter what server they go on.

It would store their money, kill stats, cars, guns, ammo, armor, clothes, etc.

Players can choose what stats they want recorded, for example, maybe you only want to bring your customized cars to the partyserver, but not your stats or guns.

Feel free to suggest anything you want about this idea.

I was thinking this should be for official servers only, otherwise you could make your own server, give yourself $1000000 and then join partyserver.

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If the casino games where mulitplayer, and you could play card games with real players, that would be neat. Players should be allowed to bet their money and garage slot (ex; it would take a car from the players garage slot, and give it to the winning player).

but! casino games that are single player (like slot machines) would only earn you points, not cash. So you wont make money at the slots.

Imagine having a nice car, all painted and everything, but you can't get anywheels! "time to hit the tables and make some cash".

Maybe someone should make new topic, suggesting multiplayer casinos, but i think its already been done, im not sure.

anyways yeah, tell me what you think

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It would be awsome if in an RPG server,

you could buy houses and store you cars their and everything, maybe when you play MTA again you start of in your house.

And it could be scripted that you can sell your house and someone else can buy it.

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