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Guess the MTA: SA DM release date!


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"In the year 2525" *sing*


oh noes, you guessed it :roll:

That's actually the most realistic guess so far D:

Yep it is :)

Not nessisarily, If the MTA team went to the past, it would create an alternate time line. In this alternate timeline MTA SA would have been released by now but we are stuck in this time line where it has not been released yet.

If you don't understand you should probably watch the Back to the Future movies.

Hahaha omg :P:D

The old timeline will be destroyed when you create an alternative one (in 2, when they are in the future, the past gets changed, when they go to the past, they get into the new timeline, not the one they were in)

23 januar ( MY BIRTHDAY :P)

lol thats my brothers birthday 2, but it has passed without an release (as i expected)

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