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Hello everyone, i've been following the lastest updates and noticed the awesome work, keep it up MTA team!

I've noticed that the on-foot sync is such great, so i thinked it would be a great idea introducing the hitboxes... I don't know if it's actually possible, but it would really improve the gameplay and the fun (headshots ftw! :P ). What do you think about think about that?

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That's a better idea actually, because you won't die instantly from a headshooting sniper, but MTA will still (fairly) realistically tell the difference between being shot in the leg or the head.

I'm still keen on the option to turn headshots on: mega fun sniper wars.

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The sniper will still be effective whether or not there is a certain number of hits you must achieve to kill your opponent, its all down to your aiming and how quick you can eliminate your target.

In a clanwar situation I wouldn’t like to see the sniper allowing one shot to kill, two to three would be more appropriate so the game lasts longer.

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Fair comment.

If possible you could limit the amount of snipers that can be allowed for each team, so for example one sniper gun can be used between both sets of players with a certain amount of bullets that would be fair to have occupied and nothing too advanced so the match can last longer without the possibility of the snipers stealing the show.

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One of the problems in the past with allowing headshots in GTA was the engine removing the head! This lead to all sorts of problems when respawning the player. Im fairly confident that anything built upon the Blue core could overcome these, but it may well involve using an entirely different method when handling respawn.

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