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ok...i dont see the point fill me in

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What is the point in being in a game... you dont die, theres no competiton, no teams, everyone looks the same, no peds no cars. 2 people cant even be in one car. I mean getting this mod out is good but theres no point in playing it theres only 10 people in a game most of the time only 2, fill me in please. thanx

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destruction durby's ise userally a good pass time fi you get a real good server, you can kill each other but its super hard, and you can get 2 people in a car, just most of the times it dont work, the competition is to see who lasts longest without crashing and possibly races there are teams theyt just dont work. eveeryone looks that same because the mafia and diablos cloned the original guy cause he was so good, the peds have been scared away and there are cars. there I answered all your partly useless questions :)

you should of been able to answer those yourself

:idea: THREAD CLOSED :idea:

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