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Is this chaeting? Help me please

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But for example, I type this:

rcon mute player 1

It says no such player/ID, how can I put the for it? Or how can I type a reason for it? If I type this:

rcon mute player dont spam

It also says no such player :?

So what is the correct way of doing it?

Thanks :)

there are several admin systems, one of them is rcon

rcon cant handle reason

rcon mute player

(no reason - wont work)

with the script version ( see the mta:ma thread and/or MTA:SA General Use Scripts ... in add ons section )

!mute player reason

could work ... but im not sure

may need a bit of adjusting .. but it can be done

and yes ..again.. it IS possible to glide/fly backwards with plane

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Well technically you don't FLY, like people said you glide but if you're good you can go from LV to LS, you can also fly backwards and upside down at the same time(again not hard).

Now that may not be very useful in a race, but it sure is fun killing noob hydras shooting others :) killed quite a few hydras with the andro tail and survived.

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