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i got ban after install wifi network card drivers

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I recently cleaned my computer and reassembled it.
I formatted the disk because I was changing it to SSD from HDD.
I installed programs and mta without using the Internet because I had installers on another disk.
I turned on mta after installing it on the SSD drive, but I noticed that the Internet was not working,
so I installed the drivers (I had them on the second drive). After the first stage of installation,
the Internet was already working, so I turned mta off and on. I tried to log into the server,
and after a while a window popped up saying that the driver installation was finished.
Suddenly I had a lag, and a menu appeared with information that I was banned...
To make matters worse, after turning the game off and on I got a longer ban 


My serial: A5A5F0DDA950E868B48D1FB0250715F2

a little bit strange ;) 

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