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[Help] Healthbar not decreasing until ped low hp

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For some reason this script when ped is with high health (im using extra_health resource), when u shoot him its life bar only visually lowers after his life is low... if his health is high it wont even move  or visually reduce the health bar.


PS: Health works fine issue is only with the bar.


I'm sure the code is wrong, I just need a little help with calculations here I believe... not sure.


		local maxHealth = 1000000
		local healthPercentage = health / maxHealth
		local lineLength = 150 * healthPercentage
		local healthBar = dxDrawRectangle(sx - 60, sy - 70, lineLength, 7, tocolor(255, 0, 0, 210))

Appreciate all the help, I'm trying to not bother you guys here and trying to do by myself but this issue got me.


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Since i cant edit: 

Decided to do it a diff way, using imageSection


        health = exports["extra_health"]:getElementExtraHealth(peds)
        local healthround = math.ceil(health)
        local life_pc = (health / 1000) * 100
        local vida_atual = life_pc*1.28
        dxDrawImage(sx-60, sy- 70, 128, 16, "healthbarbg.png")	
        dxDrawImageSection(sx-60, sy- 70, vida_atual, 16, 0, 0, vida_atual, 16, "healthbar.png")
        dxDrawText(healthround,sx-40+25,sy-70,sx, sy,tocolor ( 255, 255, 255, 255 ), 1,"sans")


I just couldn't get the max health value so i had to put it manually, but it works.


Problem now is when ped health reaches 0 it doesnt die... i need to shoot him a few more times, using extra_health script 

addEventHandler("onClientPedDamage", root,
    function(attacker, weapon, _, loss)
        if isElementInvulnerable(source) then
            local health = getElementExtraHealth(source)
				if health >= loss then
                    setElementExtraHealth(source, health - loss)



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12 hours ago, sirrjohn said:
if health >= loss then

Not sure but, would the > operator not make more sense?

if health > loss then
	--- ...
	setElementExtraHealth(source, 0) -- clean dead status (not sure if this is a good idea)



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