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Draw 3D line with "repeated" (?) texture


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Hello, I'm trying to achieve something like this:


But it's an object and I need a 3D line looking similar to that. Got no clue how to draw a 3D line without stretching the texture (or if it's even possible, but I don't think it's not). My latest attempt code and result:


misc.chainTexture = dxCreateTexture(download.getAssetId("asset/texture/Chain.dds"), "dxt5", false, "mirror")


-- Lifts chains
        for i = 1, #misc.liftData
            if(isElementStreamedIn(misc.liftData[i]["cranesObject"]) == true or isElementStreamedIn(misc.liftData[i]["liftObject"]) == true)
                local cranesVerticalOffset = 2.9499983787537
                local liftHeight = 2.7499985694885
                local _, _, liftZ = getElementPosition(misc.liftData[i]["liftObject"])
	                local x, y, z = utils.getPositionFromElementOffset(misc.liftData[i]["cranesObject"], -1.2499998807907, -0.049999993294477, cranesVerticalOffset)
                dxDrawMaterialSectionLine3D(x, y, z, x, y, liftZ + liftHeight, 0, 0, 1, 1, misc.chainTexture, 0.1)
	                x, y, z = utils.getPositionFromElementOffset(misc.liftData[i]["cranesObject"], 1.1499999761581, -0.049999993294477, cranesVerticalOffset)
                -- second chain will go there, eventually






Couldn't find any script doing anything similar, don't know even where to start - if I messed up texture creation, or dxDraw function, or both (most likely the last). Tried dxDrawMaterialLine3D either - similar effect, a little better, though I'm not sure what I really did with the dxDrawMaterialSectionLine3D xD just tried to do anything from example code from documentation.


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To achieve the desired result, you need to calculate the chain length, for example, with getDistanceBetweenPoints3D. In the dxDrawMaterialSectionLine3D function, the U Section Size needs to be the same as the texture width (16), and the V Section Size needs to be the texture height (64). However, this alone does not yield the desired results. You also need to multiply the V Section Size with the calculated chain length, divide by the texture aspect ratio (in your case, 64/16) and finally, multiply by the line thickness ("width"). I recommend to create a helper drawing function for this, with arguments: start position, end position, chain thickness.

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Works like a charm, thank you, problem solved! But I think it should be ultimately divided by line thickness instead of multiplied - at least that's how I got these calculations right. If anyone wondering:


dxDrawMaterialSectionLine3D(x, y, z, x, y, liftZ + liftHeight, 0, 0, 16, ((64 * ((z - liftZ) + liftHeight)) / (64 / 16)) / 0.1, misc.chainTexture, 0.1)



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