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HELP| accountData problem


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server side:


function onPlayerLogin(_,acc)

    if getPlayerAccount(acc) then

        for i = 1, #coords do

            for j = 1, 3 do

                if getAccountData(source, "timeTrial"..i.."-"..j) ~= nil then

                    triggerClientEvent(source, "accountDatasFromServer", source, getAccountData(source, "timeTrial"..i.."-"..j), i)


                    triggerClientEvent(source, "accountDatasFromServer", source, "-", i)






addEventHandler("onPlayerLogin", root, onPlayerLogin)

Client side:


function accountDatasFrom(data, i)

    accountDatas[i] = {data1, data2, data3}

addEvent("accountDatasFromServer", true)
addEventHandler("accountDatasFromServer", root, accountDatasFrom)

dxDrawText(accountDatas[id][1], sx/2 - 120, sy/2 - 126, _, _, tocolor(255,255,255,255), 0.65, font, "center", _, false, false, false, true)


My problem: I would like to be able to use the matrix sent from the server side on the client side.

I am currently still learning this feature, that's why I contacted you.

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