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Ped Saving


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Hello, how can I create a PED that when players killed It reappears the next day or at 12 hrs? That it does not appear when you reconnect on the server, only the next day or at specific time.

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If you want something to happen at a specific time, you can call getTime (for in-game time) or getRealTime (for real time) to retrieve the current time and use it to calculate the interval from the current moment to that specific time. Then call setTimer with that interval. To make a ped reappear after death, you would do all of that in setPedWasted event, destroying the old ped and creating a new one from within the function passed to setTimer.

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Hi , I Hope I Can Help You 😄

Try This Code ( Server-Side) : 

local TimeToSpawnAgian = 12 -- Hour (Example : 12 Hour)

pedir = createPed(0,-2413.10327, -599.83673, 132.56250) -- Createing Ped

    if source == pedir then
    destroyElement(pedir) -- Destroy To Optimizing
    pedir = createPed(0,-2413.10327, -599.83673, 132.56250) -- Create Again
end,TimeToSpawnAgian * 3600000,1) -- Set Time To Spawn After Ped Dead

I Tested This Code And Thats Work Successfully ❤️ 

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