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MTAVC in the future

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Everyone who has been playing both MTA VC and sa-mp since the start knows the best version of GTA is the MTA Vice City and the client to it. MTA blue was good as well, but the developers on the modification have yet to release something good, I cannot understand why people dont wanna play MTA vice city again? Its the best out there, and its not a bad game.

We have some of us been playing this game for since over 20 years ago now, its not a bad game, here is some video i found on youtube:


How come the progress is too slow, and how come you guys not care any longer for MTA Vice City, the legend of all games? 🙄

I bet lots of users will come back, if MTA team releases the game client again, if there is already one then wheres the link to it?

Someone wrote there that the game lagged on youtube, i remember it well 2004 when I played the game did not even lag back then, I had an internet connection on 10mbits and it did work really well for me, thats why I still dont understand why nobody wanna release it again? this game owns.

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Love the gameplay! The Sabre Turbo was always one of my favorites in MTA 0.5 VC Deathmatch.

I apologize for the late reply. Work has had me so busy that I'm just now getting caught up on forum posts. I actually replied to your question in your other topic here:

Hopefully this helps explain things. :) 

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