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Respawn destroyed vehicle to garage

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I would like that when the vehicle bought at the dealer explodes, it returns to the garage, I don't want it to disappear since the fact that the vehicle does not explode is not fully functional. I would really appreciate the help and if it is not too much, ask for a script that grabs the character by putting it as a command /load id

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El 22/5/2023 a las 14:15, Doongogar dijo:

podrías usar el evento onElementDestroy para comprobar si el elemento destruido es un coche y si tiene un propietario, si es así, ejecuta el evento para salvar el vehículo que probablemente ya lo tiene en el mod del concesionario

but I have no idea how to do it I don't know how to script

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Everything you need is isVehicleBlown and DestroyElement and maybe few lines of code that moves vehicle to some sort of garage. Idk maybe something like this 

if isVehicleBlown(vehicle) == true
   then DestroyElement(vehicle)
   dbExec(pass,"UPDATE garage SET statusIn=1 or true") else return end

I didn't tested it. But it would be something like this if your cars are stored in MySQL database. You can close it in Timer for example or event

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