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Banned from my own server



Hi there. I'm preparing a LAN party at the office where we will be playing MTA. I've just installed GTA SA and MTA (on my brand new Razer laptop). Started a server with 'MTA Server.exe' and when I join I instantly get a banned message: TRAINER. With code: CD47. I'm not sure what's going on. I've never touched a trainer in combination with MTA. The last (and only) time I've touched a trainer was with Vice City SP which was like 17/18 years ago (which I doubt has anything to do with this issue). My laptop as like a week old and I don't have any weird stuff installed except for multiple game launchers (Steam, EA, GOG Galaxy) and Visual Studio 2022/Code since I'm a (.NET) engineer myself. I think it's some kind of false positive (probably caused by Razer software/drivers?). My serial is: FECE4E2E18BEC64DEC2E8558E1169344

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Hi, welcome to the forums.

Ban appeals and ban-related questions/issues are no longer being handled as of 25th January. You can read more about the changes affecting this here:

If your ban is temporary (there's an expiration date on the ban prompt) then wait for it to expire and make sure you remove any malicious/suspicious programs from your device. If your ban is permanent, then please read the topic I've linked above.

There's nothing to debate upon so please take my (short) explanation into account and cease asking about your ban as it may attract administrative punishments like it says in the topic linked above. 👍

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