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[REL] Cinema Gamemode


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This is a gamemode I made quite a while ago. The gamemode is heavily inspired by GMOD's cinema servers.

I am releasing it as open source as it probably needs a little bit more polishing and I don't code in MTA anymore, therefore the community could improve on it if they find interest in it.

To use the gamemode you must create a youtube v3 api and put the API key in Cinema\modules\services\server_youtube.lua file.

Gamemode: https://github.com/Ali-Ysf/Cinema



The gamemode is made for an "easy" integration inside another gamemode/server. A roleplay server for example.

E - interactions.

Q - video queue/request video

Tab - scoreboard





I have noticed that the standby image still has the server's name where the cinema was deployed. You can find the stand by psd file in Cinema\data\images so feel free to change it to whatever you want

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Hey man. This is great and the first thing I thought of when seeing the topic title was as you say, the classic Cinema GMod servers. I think you've nailed it and this could potentially be a great way for communities to have smaller social servers to re-unite players, or even as you stated it could be integrated into other gamemodes.

10/10 from me, proper job. 👍

- TM

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