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Drifting Tournament

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Do you preffer street racing or organized circuit racing?  

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  1. 1. Do you preffer street racing or organized circuit racing?

    • Street racing!
    • Circuit racing! (aka Nascar [lame] )

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Ok, I have'nt had the chance to try out MTA:SA yet, but im getting SA installed tonight. I love drifting (both in real life and in games) and so I thought why not have a drifting tournament in GTA. I heard that theres a editor for the newest version of MTA so heres the plan:

1. Me and possibly someone else design a drifting area (im going to try to make a mountain in the big open area [have'nt played SA in awhile so I forgot the location names] and make a few roads going down it with curves, one with some short easy turns and another with some huge s-turns and the like. [basically a easy and hard course] ).

2. The races will be like the ones me and my friends do, a drag down the mountin (who can get down the mountian the fastest while still drifting) and a two people race down it (pretty much the same thing except there will be someone in a helicopter judgeing the racers drifting skills instead of speed).

3. We also need to find out the best drifting cars.

Sorry Im a n00b to the fourms. Hopefully people will respond and we can get this to work. Im accepting any suggestions but pleese if your not interested dont come here and post bs about my idea, ill flag you. :!:

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Yeah, it takes some getting used to. If you use the really ghetto cars (there not very fast though) you can get them to slide pretty good without spining out. Someone know if you can tune the cars physics like they did with the Real GTA mod?

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Yeah street racing takes skill mostly becuse you have to be able to make quick desicians, unlike in circut racing your following the same track over and over.

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