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[RACE] Destruction Derby DD/TRAINING/RACE [ENG]


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Hello All


I want to introduce you to my server i been working on, its based on Destruction Derby (DD) gamemode which is another gamemode from Race gamemode, i have united all elements into 1 place which allows you to train you DD skills in 3 different ways.

It also has features like anti-spam, anti-afk and stats system which keeps track of your stats (maps played, kills, wins, deaths, points and rank)

  • Custom Wheels mods.
  • Custom Win music.
  • Toggleable car wheels and spoiler.
  • Weekly map updates.

1. Standard DD [DD]

Goal here is to be last player alive, you have to kill rest of the players and be last one surviving.



2. Training DD [TRAINING]

Unlike the last one you can die as many times you want here, goal here is to be able to learn from your mistakes, when you die you will respawn, each map that has [TRAINING] in it will have this respawn feature and will be played for 5 minutes unless map is changed, there are no winners here rather than yourself.



3. Race DD [RACE]

Goal here is simple, you finish the map as fast as you can, your time will be recorded and you can compete with other players or with yourself.



Unlike the other servers which require there to be some amount of players to have fun or game, here you can play or train alone, when you are alone in server you can use command /redo to restart maps as you like/want.

There are no much players left playing this amazing gamemode, mostly everyone play's CW's and there are no much ways how new players can discover this mode, so this is my attempt to create friendly/welcoming server for new players which also gives you all the tools you need to become master in this gamemode.


Server Name: [DDS] Destruction Derby Stars Cross DD/Training/Race

Server IP: mtasa://

Discord: https://discord.gg/BvE4SYZ8gv

Game State: https://www.game-state.com/


Thank you and have good day!

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30 minutes ago, J4cobLIVEmain said:

Looks coolio. If it's still running, i'm going to visit it today!

I regret going in to the server as a retired racer ?


Not for me man, especially the radar is very bad. It doesn't show checkpoints on the radar on race DD, so idk where tf u going if you're not a DD player - in comparison in normal Racing there are checkpoints displayed on radar because if map is bad enough you can still see where to go :D Maybe for DD geeks its great but not for a casual player. DD Racing maps are OK but not great I prefer normal racing more. Thank god that Racing Leagues don't have this DD races in store, it would be obamination. Remember one CW when a mapper did something like this and people were going crazy at him for doing a similar DD Race. Good luck and best of wishes but not for me and i'm not gonna visit again. I would rather switch the server to racing, as FFS is superior in DD and there alot of players playing DD there actually, Racing died on FFS but it's alive again on MrGreenGaming. For having players on your server you would need to do a multigamemode server, but also it's not worth it because the old GTA hype died and more, and more players leaving.

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