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[help!] I can't add a value to the table


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function giveV(player, car_id)
    if player and isElement(player) then
        if car_id and type(car_id) == 'number' then
            local _,i = hasV(player, car_id)
            local garagem = getElementData(player, 'conce.garage') or {}
            if i then
                outputChatBox('Você já tem este carro!') --infobox
                return false
                table.insert(garagem, {id = car_id})
                setElementData(player, 'conce.garagem', garagem)
                outputChatBox('Você adquiriu um '..vehicle[car_id].name..'.') --infobox
                return true
            outputDebugString('Aguardando arg #2 válido para a function hasV')
            return false
        outputDebugString('Aguardando arg #1 válido para a function hasV')
        return false
I'm struggling to make a dealership script, but the giveV function doesn't add the car to the garage list even if the checks pass. Can anyone help?
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Make sure that the vehicle table that is being referenced in the function actually exists and has an entry for the car_id that you are passing to the function.


Make sure that the hasV function is correctly implemented and returns the expected values.


Check if there are any errors being thrown by the script by enabling debugging in your script editor or by using the outputDebugString function to print error messages to the console.


Make sure that the garagem table is being correctly initialized and that it is being set as an element data attribute of the player.


Check if the setElementData function is being called correctly and if it is returning the expected result.


Make sure that you are calling the giveV function with the correct arguments.

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