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Re-alive Multitheftauto Vice CIty

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Someone need to re-alive the client, its the best game out there. SA-MP is down now and other client VC-MP is not that good as MTA:VC, we need the game back so everyone can play and have fun, hows it going with the MTA Team? Is there still any programmers out there who can re-alive Multitheftauto.

I remember back in 2003-2004 the game was not that laggy at all, sa-mp is more laggy than Multitheftauto Vice CIty :] How ironic, but this was years ago, the game needs to be updated and the website as well, the multitheftauto website needs a new look.

I know and heard about
projectredivivus, but its not going anywhere, how do we go from this point? We need an update to the real Multitheftauto, and website.

Best wishes

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You sure have made a lot of topics about this! 😁 
I do appreciate the love for the games! I'm right there with you on it.

As for the topic, your latest one has my reply about the game. I don't have much of a say as far as the MTA website though. I only manage the Project Redivivus one. Happy gaming! :) 

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