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Problems with AC / HW spoofer

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good night, i was playing here, my friend called me to play fivem, but i am banned there i need to use spoofer to play good, but then my mta was open there the spoofer gave conflict with anti cheat AC hw spoofer, has how to help me, let me screen or just anything, i even clipped a part i don't know if i can get something out of it but help me there namoral.

don't call your friend laughing at the misfortune kk :(

I had no idea that spoofer would ban me, if I was banned or something like that in the MTA I would never do it.

illusion of#0154


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Hi, welcome to the forums.

Please create a new ban appeal including your MTA serial. You can grab it by launching MTA, opening up the console (F8 key by default) and typing 'serial' without any quotes.
This is needed so the anticheat team can further investigate your case.

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