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4k scale

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You could use a variable that increase the size value of fonts, dx sizes ...etc

local sX,sY = guiGetScreenSize()
local multiplier = 1

if sY >= 2160 then
	multiplier = 2

function yourOtherFunctions()
	dxDrawRectangle(0,0,250*multiplier, 100*multiplier)


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14 hours ago, PanMaszyna said:

This code is nonsense, because what when somebody have 1600xX?

I asked about scale for all resolutions with 4K 😆


Now i'm using "zoom" and for that moment is ok :D

Nonsense ? ::lol: For other resolutions will be the default one "x1". On the other hand, there is something called elseif (Not sure if you heard about it) which allows you to set a multiplier for other resolutions ...

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Hi! You don't need to scale the interface size for monitors larger than the one on which the layout was printed and designed. It's enough just to put everything in the center, some elements really need to be stretched to the whole screen (like the background). But this is rather an exception to the rule.

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19 minutes ago, AdYtZu said:

Salut @Tekken imi poti lasa mesaj pe discord? AdYtZu#4188

Scz ca am lasat mesaj aici dar nu am putut sa ti dau mesaj in DM si pe discord nu te mai gasesc

Ro: Lasa-mi mesaj aici, si ar trebui sa poti sa-mi trimiti DM, nu prea mai folosesc Discird, si te rog daca mai scrii in romana fie lasa un mesaj in ambele limbi fie foloseste sectiunea romaneasca, mersi.

Eng: Leave a message here if you wish, also you should be able to send me PM’s

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