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Hi! I'm having problems playing on RP servers. My laptop should handle MTA just fine, but I only get ~30 (Sometimes dropping to 10-20 while driving) and in interior ~40 FPS.
What could be the problem?

Laptop specs:
I7-10870H on 4.5Ghz turbo
GTX 1660 TI
24GB DDR4 ram
1 Gbps network (I don't know if it matters, maybe in loading textures)

Tried reinstalling the game, reinstalling MTA, installing older DirectX, changing settings, etc..

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Hi, just to add that I have the same issue, a few days ago MTA on my laptop had like an update/patch I think, that gray box with the blue loading bar came on and my fps were locked to 40 as well.


Here's mine, I'm posting this on the same post to not make a new one, maybe you guys can help me out as well.


Oh and something I forgot to add, that I found out just right now, is that if I run the game on windowed mode, I get the fps I should. I play on Race DM servers and I must have 51 to play as intended, and like I said, I get those 51 fps on windowed mode, on fullscreen it locks to 40

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6 hours ago, Sarrum said:

During the discussion, it was noticed that your refresh rate seems odd. Check your Windows settings and make sure it is set to 60Hz.

Oh yeah, just changed it, let me see if it makes a difference. By the way, the same thing happened today and reinstalling it worked again, haven't played again, I will try to capture images when I go back in game so you can see what happens. And thank you so much to you and everyone who helped!

Looks like it worked man. Tho the same update box came on again but it seems that it didn't matter, thank you guys for your help so much @Sarrum.

Have a nice day!

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