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I am banned in my server...



Hello, dear admins. My friend and I created a project on your engine, but I was banned by your anti-cheat. It happened quite by accident. I didn't use cheats on my project, which is logical. Please help, error CD32 Shutdown: Your serial number is blocked.
I tried to remove the ban through the database, it did not work. I even deleted the entire database, but nothing worked.
My serial number is: DDE1BF5C9D7BB8FA7D844636FF7A13E2

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As you are banned in your server, I have moved this post into the server support section instead. Afraid i don't have an answer to your question.

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Posted (edited)

This is indeed quite strange.

What are you using to store data/bans? As in, do you use a certain DB or the default way of handling accounts (through the internal DB)?

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