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Application for unban

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I was sent to you by the support of next rp

1. Nickname in the game: Denis Roleksov Siberian Server
2. Administrator's nickname: absent
3. Reason: Serial number ban
4. Fixing the violation (photo/video):missing, Yesterday I got stuck in the armory from one account, I was re-signed and anti-cheat began to kick me, today mta kicks me, as I understood, my serial number is banned, please unban, there were no cheats on the PC, ban on all accounts, the server is Siberian

serial number 388E92B65BCF19D357C5EDO76DA6EAE3

account name next rp Den4ik74664

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It seems you have provided us with the wrong serial. Please double check by opening console (F8) and type serial

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