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Question(s) to the public and to the MTA developers

Guest Mathijs

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Hi Guys!

First of all i'd like to tell you guys, that I do not believe in god, but I do believe in, and support, the MTA developers..

..Let me rephrase that sentence..

..You guys are like gods to me and i'm sure alot of people will agree with me.

Back to topic! I have a few questions to the public and to the devs;

1) Who here waits with playing MTA:SA untill the DM version has been released?

2) I've read about the possibilities in the upcoming DM version, wich are roaming arround anywhere you want, stealing cars, kill eachother.. AKA do anything you can do in single player without the missions and with other players arround the world? Correct me if i'm wrong about this!

3) Is it possible to play MTA:SA with an illegal version? I only have an illegal version at the moment, but i'm surely willing to buy the game if thats the only possibility to play MTA:SA .. I only buy games when its necesarry to have a legal copy to play online ;)

4) A random question here, not about MTA .. WILL GTA IV come on PS3? I've seen some websites that say it will come on PS3, and some sites say its only coming for xbox360.. besides that, I think I have seen on a dutch game show that it comes on xbox360 so i'm kinda confused here!

..I'm sure that these questions have been asked a million times, in different threads, but the reason I made a new thread is to make it easyer to answer the questions to my friends.. AKA send the link of this thread to them so they can read for themselves :)

Thanks in advance, and with great respect from


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Hello, and welcome to the forum :)

To answer your questions...

1) I'm sure a lot of MTA fans ARE playing the race mod until deathmatch comes out.

2) You're correct, you will be able to do pretty much everything that you can do in single player (except missions), and yes, with other people from around the world.

3) The MTA team does not support illegitimate versions of the game. Where it may be possible to get MTASA to work on an illegal version of the game, I suggest you show your support to Rockstar for giving us such a fantastic game and buy it, at least that way you know it will DEFINATELY work with MTA, and that you're not breaking the law.

4) We don't know which platforms GTA4 will be released for, but it's most likely going to come out primarily on the PS2 and PS3, and then be followed up by the PC and XBOX and XBOX360 versions, like the rest of the GTA series. You can find news on the GTA games at Rockstar's website, http://www.rockstargames.com/

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I'd like to thank you guys for the replies wich have been made, they were very informative!

In reply to Jani about buying the game to support Rockstar, you, ofcourse, are right but there are alot of lazy kids wich have no income and spend their monthly allowance from their parents on useless stuff, I was one of them and thats mainly the reason I have never [yet] bought the game. I now have a job wich earns me more then enough to buy the game, but I have friends who still are lazy and have no money to buy the game, thats mainly the reason I asked if MTA will work with an illegal version ;)

edit: One more question. Will there eventually be a DM beta test before release?

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